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Fabric: 100% Royal Alpaca Wool
Fabric Dye: Low Impact Dyes (GOTS)
Fabric Finishing: Silicone (OEKO-TEX)
Thread Dye: Reactive Dye
Label: 100% Organic Cotton
Label Ink: Synthetic (GOTS)


Women's Alpaca Wool Leggings

300 Lightweight

Legging Laine Alpaga Femme : 230 Légère

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Regular price €94,62 Sale price €116,90

*VAT Included

Low Impact Dyes:

Alpaga vs Merinos

L'alpaga surpasse le mérinos

Les fibres d'alpaga se sont adaptées depuis des millénaires aux conditions extrêmes des Andes péruviennes pour vous protéger lors de toutes vos aventures.

Des fibres semi-creuses uniques et innovantes
• Plus légères
• Une meilleure isolation

La texture de fibre la plus douce
• Évacuation de l'humidité
• Plus doux sans traitement

Des fibres haute performance

Emportez moins, voyagez plus.

Découvrez les performances ultimes de la fibre naturelle et profitez pleinement de la nature. Restez propre et au sec lors de vos explorations en extérieur grâce à la laine d'alpaga, naturellement antibactérienne et régulatrice de température.

❊ Anti-bactérien & Résistant aux Odeurs
↻ Haute Évacuation de la Transpiration
☁ Haute respirabilité
☀ Protection - Uv
✓ Légère et durable

Un monde sans microplastiques

Nous disons stop à la pollution plastique !

Notre mission est de créer des vêtements qui vous permettent d'explorer la nature sans la contaminer avec des microplastiques.

Ceci marque notre premier pas pour rendre notre collection entièrement exempte de pétrole et 100% biodégradable."

Nous n'utilisons que des matériaux biodégradables :
• Tissu 100% en laine d'alpaga royal
• Fils 100% en coton
• Étiquettes 100% en coton

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The Best Thermal Wool Leggings

The lightweight leggings, made with 100% Royal Alpaca Wool, offer a comfortable fit for flexible movement during any physical activity. Ultra-soft and warm alpaca wool naturally wicks moisture, dries fast and resists odor, ensuring you stay clean and fresh all day. Our women's wool leggings are perfect for layering in winter for skiing and snowboarding, and look great worn on their own in spring, summer and fall. These versatile thermal leggings are designed for your ultimate comfort wherever you go. For colder weather check out our midweight leggings for women.

womens active comfort leggings lightweight color black


Leggings Design for High Performance

Pendant des milliers d'années, les alpagas se sont adaptés aux environnements extrêmes des montagnes des Andes, où les températures varient considérablement. Les conditions difficiles de ces hautes terres ont donné naissance à la fibre extérieure ultime, supérieure au mérinos, conçue pour vous protéger été comme hiver, vous garder au propre et vous offrir un confort optimal pour la randonnée et le sport.


womens active comfort leggings lightweight color black


La fibre ultime pour toutes les activités de plein air

La laine d'alpaga est le choix optimal pour les activités en plein air, surpassant ainsi toutes les autres fibres telles que la laine mérinos, le coton, le polaire, la rayonne et le polyester.



All-Natural Leggings

En choisissant des vêtements 100% en laine d'alpaga, vous optez pour une option plus durable et écologique, vous permettant de réduire votre impact sur l'environnement.


womens temperature regulate leggings lightweight color natural blue


Where Were These Leggings Made?

Nous utilisons des ressources locales et une chaîne d'approvisionnement courte et transparente. Notre mission est de vous informer sur tout ce que nous savons sur la fabrication des vêtements. Ensemble, nous pouvons conduire l'industrie de la mode vers un avenir durable.


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Avis des clients

Based on 18 reviews
Joanna Wilkinson
Absolutely Fabulous!

They are a perfect fit for me, they're really soft, comfortable and I don't have to keep pulling them up or have any unpleasant wrinkly areas round the knees which is fantastic. Really nicely finished and no scratchy seams. I have only worn and washed once so far but they stayed in shape and didn't fade, shrink or stretch. Ideal!

Cynthia Game
Smart, satisfying, worthwhile...

To my amazement, my lightweight leggings fit perfectly. I put them on and I have been wearing them everyday! My legs have been neither cold nor hot since. You see, one year my husband decided to keep the house temperature much cooler and I got hardly anything done! My knees and ankles felt like I had arthritis. So I started wearing polar fleece jammie pants with leg warmers to hide them under long skirts. Well, that fixed it. Beautifully. But I had no figure instantly. Not one shred of feeling sexy. And, on top of that, my girlfriend was saying that synthetics reak havoc on our hormones. Then our drier broke. For a few months in the winter I just hung things to dry until we repaired the machine. But it got me thinking that polar fleece would not fair well over the long term without a drier, and I knew that it would lose its fluff. I wondered how hand washing as a possible lifestyle necessity in the future would work with my wardrobe. And I wanted my clothes to take up less space. Polar fleece doesn't give me the idea that I am choosing healthy sustainable biodegradable wardrobe options from this world while we still have some access to everything freely. No, I was making uneducated cheap decisions.
Maybe simplifying our lifestyles
with fewer but greater belongings will turn out to be wise in the long run. (I love going outside and inside with more layers. It is far more comfortable. And I just take a bag with me to pop my leggings into for while I am visiting a hot place. My habit is to slip off my skirt and put on windpants to garden, switching after an hour. Satisfying.)
So these leggings looked like cotton when I took them out of the package! (I was worried.) They are so nice and compact folded up. They have a bit of teeny scratchyness. Otherwise I would have thought I bought cotton! I have had no rash from them at all. I ignore the scratchy feeling because it is so minor and then I
forget about it all day long. Surprisingly, I want to dance all the time! I would not be able to wear plain wool. I would rash up terribly. So I have a figure again. Hurray!
Reducing the bulk of clothing is wonderful. Now, I would rather feel soft polar fleece on my legs,... but I want to make my forever choices. And, realistically, they do not get dirty, I have lovely comfortable romantic long skirts over them. Dressing that way makes me want to do so many things. Somehow it makes me feel loved. If I only ever could have a few clothes, I want these leggings to be part of them.
I am 52. I wonder if I will have these for the rest of my life. And how will they hold up? Will they get even nicer? Will they stay warm? How will they be in warmer weather? Colder weather? Did you ever hear of George Washington Carver, that he wore one suit all of his life after university? Fewer, better, wiser personal belongings and a life of purpose and meaning. How? By being able to reduce the space and amount of money one requires to live in order to be burden free.
Thank you for shipping alpaca products to Canada! I greatly appreciate that you made that choice.

Beryl Fields
Alpaca wool light weight leggings

Fit well. My size often falls between small & medium. I chose medium in these leggings.& ordered a second pair right after receiving the first. They are more silky feeling than merino wool. Plan on wearing in spring and trying them for cooler summer days. Very satisfied.

Anisoara Lynch
Sehr zufrieden

Sehr zufrieden, vielen lieben Dank

Regula Weimann
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